How it Works

First, create your email

Starting with a great looking email template, you can use the Bridgeway Manager campaign editor to create content for your email.

The editor allows you to add headings, text and images quickly and easily using different layouts for different sections. Our templates are professionally designed and built, so you can be sure they'll display properly, even on mobile devices.

Fully managed email marketing - Email editor.
Our editor gives you control over your content, and you can send as many free tests as you need to get it perfect.

Then, choose your recipients

You can manage your subscriber lists from within Bridgeway Mailer, or import them from a spreadsheet. Each campaign can be sent to as many or as few recipients as you like, allowing you to target a segment of your customer base or speak to everyone.

We'll automatically remove duplicates and bad email addresses, and those of people who have previously unsubscribed so you won't pay for recipients you can't reach.

Pay only when you send - $15 per campaign and 3c per recipient.
Pricing per campaign is based on the number of recipients you'll be sending to - you only pay when you send.

Finally, send your campaign and watch it reach your audience

Once you've hit send, you can watch as people open your email and click on links. With WorldView, you can see your email being opened around the world.

Bridgeway Mailer tracks your recipients' locations, email clients, social network activity and more.

Full reporting and statistics for every campaign that you send.
WorldView shows you who opens and clicks on your email as it happens.
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Get all this and more with a free Bridgeway Mailer account - you only pay when you send.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex and all payments are made on our secure server.